300 Club Draw and Play Your Cards Right Special ! Saturday 20th February 2021

By Shelagh Everett
18 February
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Its that time again! Join in from £4, Tune in for free for our latest 300 Draw and Saturday Night entertainment and special prizes !

Countdown to our next monthly 300 Club Draw on Saturday 20th February 2021 at 18:00 - with Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway back on Telly at 7pm this month live draw will provide the warm up routine and entertainment with Play Your Cards Right TSC style straight after the 300 Club Draw ! They'll be some bonus on the night prizes too !

So save the date, and join us on facebook for the Draw and this months entertainment, and enter via PayPal or even better join our regular members ! We had a clean sweep of hockey winners last month so let's see if we can repeat the feat !

Throughout the upheavals of the last twelve months, one of the positive’s has been the increased number of members who have set up a £4 per month Standing Order to participate in the Club's monthly ‘300 club’ draw.

Collectively and over the last year, the 300 Club has raised a significant sum, all of which is ring fenced and goes towards improving our facilities. Each £4 entry really does make a difference! In 2020 the 300 Club also helped keep members in touch with TSC through our monthly livestream and a bit of banter - here's what you helped us achieve:

- average number of members (per draw) has increased by nearly 100 (from 122 to 221) helping us grow from a 200 to 300 Club !
- income raised by entries in 2020 rose to £10,600 from an average in previous years of £5,800
- surplus generated to support club development increased to £6,400 in 2020 against the previous year average of £3,000
- one the night sales increased significantly with the introduction of PayPal

Thank You to everyone supported the 300 Club in 2020 - lets see if we can keep the number of entries increasing keep growing and hit a 300 sell out !

So... why not have a think about setting up your own standing order...and becoming a regular and save having to set up a PayPal payment each month

Once you’ve set up the standing order, each month you are included in the draw - now broadcast ‘live’ on the Timperley Sports Club Facebook – for one of 5 or 6 prizes ranging from approx. £160 to £25 (even higher if we get a sell out !)

The precise number and size of prizes vary’s slightly from month to month, depending on the number of ‘pay-on-the-day’ entries. But easily the simplest way to join in, is to set up your own standing order.

If you’d like to know more, contact Nick Burnett nick@theburnetts.co.uk , who looks after the draw on behalf of the club.

If you'd rather support through this month through PayPal here's how to by your entry:

Sign up via PayPal up to 17:30 on Saturday 20th February 2021:

• [b]To join in go into your PayPal account or click on : https://www.paypal.com/uk/home and add /
credit info@timperley-sports.com in the recipient box

• Enter the amount - multiples of £4 for each number you require and add 300 Club
Lucky Dip and your Name in the message
e.g. 300ClubFebLuckyDip/ your name

You can also find details on our web site …. here https://www.timperley-sports.com/a/fundraising-and-supporting-tsc--300-club-58959.html

Congratulations to our January Winners and Jo Robinson who scoped the bonus on the night prize of a bottle of Champagne (donated by TFC) and winnings the 'Chair's' Quiz !

1st Prize - Will Reynolds - £140
2nd Prize - Phil Boyd - £70
3rd Prize - Timur Asar - £40
4th Prize - Jo Robinson - £30
5th Prize - Ryan Guest -£20

Thanks for your continued support ! Tune in on Saturday Night !


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