All Tuesday Timperley Hockey Training is ON (Tues 22 Nov)  - see important on information

All Tuesday Timperley Hockey Training is ON (Tues 22 Nov) - see important on information

By Shelagh Everett
22 November
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See full details incl.... bring your own drinking water, give more time for travel, limited parking & layer up!

Due to the on going problems with the wider Timperley Areas water supply there are a few adaptations to tonight's hockey training sessions! Please help de-stress the evening by reading the quick heads up and following the guidance !

The good news is the Club (pitches/bar / clubhouse) is OPEN - so we can train but please note the following:

- Everyone needs to bring their own drinking water and not to fill water bottles from the taps at the club. The water is OK but United Utilities (UU) are recommended for now to use bottle water for drinking

- Loos, hand washing, kitchen, showers etc all have water although the pressure if down and maybe be a little intermittent but we should be fine

- Stockport Rd is down to one lane with Traffic lights between Wellington Road and the Golf Course so try avoid if possible or allow extra time for travel

- parking on site will be reduced as UU has set up a Bottle Water Collection Station and a Welfare Centre in the Stockport Rd Car Park and open way system. So please driven past and up the drive and use the top car park / driveway. If very busy Wood Lane Gate will be opened too.

- getting a bit chillier ! Layer up for training as temps start to drop - and don't forget to collect all kit at the end of the session ! Any risk of frost early in the evening seems to have passed now thankfully and pitches shouldn't be at any risk of freezing for the later sessions.

If you live locally and affected and need bottled water you can pick up from the UU team in the bottom car park

Enjoy !

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