Get bidding and pick up a bargain in our 2022 Great Timperley Online Auction!

Get bidding and pick up a bargain in our 2022 Great Timperley Online Auction!

By Shelagh Everett
27 October
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Check out the Auction Now - New Lots added, check out the hockey Lots plus something for everyone!

Time to get browsing this year's Great Timperley Auction LOTS and get bidding !
After 6 days the Auctions warming up nicely with £2770 pledged in bids so far.

As well as supporting the club's fundraising to replace the outdoor seating area (aka the old decking!) the Auctions a great opportunity to pick up some real bargains and there really is something for everyone. Have a browse and lots to pick up for special treats, presents and event help you get sorted for Christmas too! Anyone can bid so spread the word and pass on the link !

The auction is now 'Live' - take a look at the 115+ Lots on offer at

Lots of Hockey Lots too !
We've two great opportunities for Young players to experience a full National League Match Day with the Ladies or Men's 1's , Sticks, 121 coaching sessions with Albert, Ross and Rob Turner (GK's) and some super England and GB official shirts (Thanks to Albert for sourcing)

Other things to catch your eye !
If you like golf we've everything from lessons to clubs and golf shoes !
Wine, Drinks and and Food options galore from wine tasting, hampers, cakes, your festive turkey to meals out and even overnight hotel stays
We've City and Untied Tickets too !
So so much and importantly something for everyone and every size wallet !

Have a browse and get bidding now !

Why are we doing the auction ??

In a nutshell to raise funds to go towards the replacement of the old wooden decking with a more durable 'patio' type structure as a priority. So..... every £ raised from this years auction will go towards this project. We're planning for a spring 2023 installation in time for the summer! So please take a few minutes to look through the lots on offer and if you can, please make a bid.

We're able to maximise the fundraising opportunity through the generosity of all our Lot donors and huge thanks to everyone from hockey's whose donated or sourced donations -we couldn't run he auction without all the support we've had to source 115+ Lots

How it works

The auction is now 'Live' - take a look at the 115+ Lots on offer at

Its all online so if you've not bid before then simply register with the Jumble Bee Platform for the Timperley Auction and away you go - you can bid as many Lots as you like !

Anyone can register so share the details / link with family and friends too !

All auction lots start closing on Saturday 5th November 2022
Lots 1 - 30 close at 19.30 hrs.
Lots 31 - 60 close at 19.40 hrs
Lots 61 - 90 close at 19.50 hrs
Lots 91 and above close at 20.00 hrs
Please note the closing time on each.

Immediately each lot closes, all winning bidders will receive an email containing details about how to pay for their items together with information about collection, or if you have bid on an experience/service or coaching session, how to redeem..

All lots must be paid for by Friday 11th November latest.

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