New Timperley Sports Club membership process now live - sign up now to spread the cost of your subs !

New Timperley Sports Club membership process now live - sign up now to spread the cost of your subs !

By Shelagh Entwisle
14th June
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Help us get ready for the new season - fill in a new TSC Membership Forms and we'll help you spread the cost of membership - find out how...

As part of the changes to Timperley Sports Club's legal structure to support how we develop and grow as a club, everyone who wishes to be a playing or non-playing member needs to complete a new Membership Form to join Timperley Sports Club Ltd - a Community Benefit Society (with tax exemption). Help us get ready for the new season by completing this process for the hockey section over the summer and reduce the in-season admin and chasing for your volunteers.


This is a one off exercise to get everyone 'signed up' and membership forms are available from the Bar, to download (below) or from Nisha Sathi (Hockey Membership Officer or Shelagh Everett Hockey Chair). Once completed hand your form in at the bar, or pass to Nisha or Shelagh.

There are 3 types of form (attached):
- Aged 18+ (on 1st April) playing and non playing
- 16-17 year olds (on April 1st 2019)
- under 16 (on April 1st 2018) #(see important information below)
Please make sure you complete the correct form !

Membership applications will then go through an approval process and once you've been accepted as a member, and your subs for 2019-20 are paid (or payment set up), you will be able to pick up a Club Bar Card (members aged 18+) from the bar and benefit from the 10% uplift for money loaded to the card (£10 and above).

We are working on scoping an on-line solution to make the process easier and to link with the TSC Ltd member data base - but for now we need everyone to fill in the paper forms.

Timperley Sports Club run all our facilities, pitches and clubhouse and all hockey players need to join the TSC. Timperley Hockey Club is a section of TSC and we run all the hockey side of things, coaching, matches, affiliations etc. Hockey folks (player and parents) will continue to need to sign up to, update and use their Pitchero profile( as this is used for all hockey admin, availability, selection and team / hockey information and communications. Don't forget you can also download the Pitchero App too for use on mobile devises.

TSC Ltd Subscriptions 2019-20 FOR OVER 16's AND ABOVE

Annual subscriptions are due to TSC Ltd from all laying and non playing members. This money covers running all of our facilities, pitches, clubhouse etc and all the associated costs including things like heating, TV sports subscriptions, staffing etc. The costs of running hockey at the club (coaching, matches, equipment, courses, affiliations etc) is funded through the hockey section from match fees, sponsorship, academy fees and fund-raising etc

There are a range of TSC membership options available. The main categories and subs for 2019-20 are:

Playing Member Aged 18 and over (Full) - £170
Playing Member Aged 18 and over (Student or Unemployed) - £85
Playing Member Aged 18 and over (VP) - £127.50
Playing Member Aged 18 and over (Country Members living more than 20 miles from club) - 20% reduction on sub due - £136 for a full sub
Playing Member Aged 16 to 17 (on 1st April) - £65
Non Playing Members Aged 18 and over - £53
Non Playing Members Aged 65 and over - £30
Associate Non Playing Member Aged 16 and over - £30
(former TSC Hon Life Members do not pay an annual sub but do need to complete a new membership form. Former TSC Life Social members also need to complete a new membership form and will continue to receive a discount on subs if a playing member)

There will be a separate communication setting out arrangements for players aged Under 16 (on 1st April) to cover academy fees and Gift Aid. Under 16's will also need to have a new Membership Form completed and signed by parents.

Ways to pay and how to spread the cost of 2019-20 Subs (for members aged 16 +) - sign up by 30th June

NB: ONLY FOR members aged 18 and over and Youth members (16 - 17 year olds) SPREAD the cost of membership - opt into our Early Bird payment options - sign up by 30th June 2019

If you'd like to pay your 2019-20 in a single payment this can be done over the bar or online selecting one of the options available. Please remember you must fill in a new membership form as well as making your payment.

To help members spread the cost of subs for the new season we are again offering an 'online' early bird installments option for everyone that signs up by 30th June.

Follow this link to see the on line membership payment options

Payments will be processed by GoCardless (the Pitchero payments platform) and are set up for a fixed number of direct debit payments. We're offering a number of options depending on the Subscription due with the first payments being taken around 4th July (it usually takes a few days after this date to leave your bank account).

Here are the main early bird options to pay by installments

- Full Subs - four installments x £44 (payments processed around 4th July, 4th August, 4th September and 4th October)
- Student / Unemployed - four installments x £22 (payments processed around 4th July, 4th August, 4th September and 4th October)
- Full Subs (Country) - four installments x £35 (collection dates 4th July, 4th August, 4th September and 4th October)
- Full Member (VP) - four installments x £33 (collection dates 4th July, 4th August, 4th September and 4th October)
- Aged 16 - 17 - two installments x £33 (collection dates 4th July and 4th August)

There is a small rounding on fees to help cover the processing cost the section has to pay for all online payments.

Payments need to be set up by 30th June 2019.

We also have an online option to pay in full at any time up to the no pay no play cut off in early October. Alternatively, subs can be paid in full over the bar.

Don't forget to complete your membership form and hand in for approval along side paying your subs.

We do appreciate that its a bit more complicated this year but once we are up and running and fully set up as Timperley Sports Club Ltd with an updated member database it will help us run the club more effectively and support our future plans - and save on volunteer time !

We hope you will help us get ahead of the game and get as many membership forms and subs set up before the start of the season so we can focus on making a great start to the on the pitch activities for the new season.

REGISTRATION DAY - Sunday 8th September 2019


Any queries or questions on the new membership process, subs or ways to pay please contact Shelagh or Nisha who will assist.

Please also ensure that your Pitchero profile and contact details are up to date too - and that you've opted into receiving emails and the weekly updates (under settings / emails) so we can keep you in touch with all the key hockey section information for the coming season.


TSC Ltd Membership Form (senior aged 18+) (June 2019)


TSC Ltd Membership Form (Under 16) - June 2019


TSC Ltd Membership Form (Aged 16 to Under 18) - June 2019

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