By Shelagh Entwisle
30 May
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We're back on the turf! Book a 1:1 coaching session or Play Zone from 2nd June 2020 - see full details of 'Rules' & how to book.

UPDATE 3/6/20. THE FOLLOWING RULES CONTINUE TO APPLY - however, following the EH Guidance Update on 2/6/20 we are now reviewing but this will take a few days so we can gain the TSC Sign Off, update Insurances, Risk Assessments and Booking Procedures. So for NOW we are operating as set out below. Please support us whilst we would through the changes needed to amend.

Following England Hockey Guidance (21st May 2020) on Returning to Play, we’ve been busy working through how we can offer members opportunities to get back on the turf at Timperley Sports Club from Tuesday 2nd June 2020. We did a 'dry run' today to test the procedures and we're good to go and BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN to club members!

We’ll be following all the EH and Government Guidance - and with member support and co-operation to stick to ‘rules’ - the Club has agreed a set of operating rules for returning to play with the hockey section. The priority is to keep everyone safe, for everyone to consider their health and that of others, and help limited the spread of coronvirus.

EH has issues a 'roadmap' for returning to play but at present not detailed guidance about increasing number who can play following the Govt Guidance issues on 29th May. As things change we will review whats on offer at Timperley.

From 2nd June the following Return to Play opportunities are available on the following basis:
- Available to Timperley Sports Club members
- All sessions must be pre-booked in advance and confirmed
- There is no turn up and play, please respect this important ‘rule’ so we can offer a safe and controlled environment for everyone
- Do not book a session, or come to the Club for a pre-booked session if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or are self-isolating

We have two ways you can return to playing* at Timperley Sports Club:

- Play Zone Sessions - free to all members, however we encourage a donation the Green Pitch ‘buy a square of turf’ fundraiser for each session (£2.50 per square)
o Book as a household
o Or as an individual with one other person from a different household adhering to 2m social distancing
o Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult (who may spectate)

- Coached 1:1 Sessions - open to all members (aged 9 and above) with Albert or Mark T adhering to 2m social distancing
o £20 a session (or £50 for 3 sessions) paid in advance
o Albert and Mark have offered to make a donation to the Green Pitch ‘buy a square’ (once launched) for all individual sessions booked from the fee (all payments via THC) .

*NB - Ways to Play will be reviewed in line with any changes to EH and or Government Guidance

All members of Timperley Sports Club aged 18+ (or a parent) can book a session, priority will be given to members who have set up payments for 2020-21 subs

When and how can I book a session ?
- Play Zone Sessions or 1 to 1 coaching sessions* can be booked during the following times:
o From Tuesday 2nd June between 16:30 and 20:30
o From Thursday 4th June between 16:30 and 20:30
o From Saturday 6th June between 14:00 and 18:00

o The pitches will be closed at all other times for hockey. Do not enter or use the pitches when closed.

Session times will be reviewed based on demand and the use of the pitches by other sections
- All sessions will be for 50 minutes, to allow a clear cross over time between groups to minimise any contact
- All bookings must be made using the online booking form and the names of all participants included (see links below)
- An on-line booking is not confirmed until you have had confirmation by email / phone. You will be allocated a ‘Play Zone’ and you must stay within this Zone for your session.
- Depending on demand bookings for individuals may have to be limited to give as many players as possible the opportunity to use the pitch.

Wondering what do to in a Play Zone !
Albert and mark are working on preparing some video clips to look at before you come down for ideas and we'll be sharing ideas and drills that will work well for small numbers or 2 people social watch this space !

Summary of key Operating Rules - see attached document
- The clubhouse remains closed, there is no access to any toilets and there will be no on-site parking to help maintain site security and limit non authorised use
- During sessions their will be a designated Hockey or Club Representative on site to confirm your booking and ensure all Rules and Social Distancing is adhered to. First Aid may not be available on site at all times.
- Players must use their own equipment and their own balls – limited to 4 marked / named balls per Play Zone. (A limited number of club balls will be available – if pre booked – and will be disinfected between use and managed by the Coaches). Avoid handling equipment, balls and surfaces.
- Wash hands (or sanitise) before coming to the Club, and on your return home or after each session.
- Initially goals must not be used and must remain locked.
- All users must read and agree to the Operating Rules prior to attending the Club for their pre-booked session (this will be confirmed at the time of booking).

Please ensure you have read the important information in the guidance below before making a booking. Do not travel to the Club unless you have a confirmed booking.
(links to all the documents / will also be attached)

Come down and enjoy some hockey !


BOOKING FORM: Members booking a 'Play Zone'

BOOKING FORM: Book 1:1 coaching sessions

1:1 Coaching sessions must be paid for before the session (and after confirmation of your booking) Pay for 1:1 Coaching Sessions

*STOP PRESS - 1:1 coaching sessions from 2nd June SOLD OUT

Please note, we reserve the right to decline bookings if we are unable to allocate coaches for 1:1s or if we have insufficient numbers of volunteer to be site marshals / supervisors to manage the site and keep all members safe.


Return to Play (Hockey) at TSC - Operating Rules and Guidance v1.0

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