The Great Timperley Auction - launching the great Hockey 'Lot's challenge !

The Great Timperley Auction - launching the great Hockey 'Lot's challenge !

By Shelagh Everett
23 September
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The challenge is on this week - each team is tasked with providing at least one 'LOT' for the 2022 Auction !

The Great Timperley Auction - 2022

The Great Timperley 'online' Auction started in Lockdown 1 and has become one of the Club's biggest annual fundraisers! From whose donated what to whose winning the bidding wars its a great couple of weeks and a win win for all. Auction 1 and 2 raised just over £15,000 and this year we've a big push on to raise £10k to help us get the decking areas replaced in Spring 2023.

This is where you and your team mates come in !
Each of the Club's four sports are challenged to source 20 - 25 Lots each - find out more about ideas for Lots below as long as its legal anything goes ! The Auction needs to have 100+ Lots and ideally 120+

[b]The THC Challenge is for each team to source one or more Lots by Saturday 1st October.
- so thats ....[/b]

  • Men's 1 to 7s (7)
  • Ladies 1 - 6s (6)
  • Badger, Beavers and Blue Badgers (3)
  • U14 and U16 Boys and Girls teams (4)
  • and the stretch target is for the Masters teams and U10 and U12's too !

Team Captains and Managers will get the call out his weekend and teams, parents, supporters are asked to get the it creative heads in gear to come up with some cracking 'Lot's'

Stuck for ideas but would like to contribute? Why not make a donation and / or we can source a prize in your name – please contact Fozzy or Col Taylor to discuss!

How does the auction work?
Members, friends and family can donate “stuff” and other members bid on these items via an auction website, culminating in fun and frantic bidding on the closing night (05 November 2022).

What “stuff” can you donate?
The Great Timperley Auction isn’t fussy and it welcomes most things! You can help by donating items, your time or your know-how, or by engaging with businesses to encourage them to donate.

Here are some examples of 'Lots' :
• Yourself (or team mates) - pledging your skills, time and services !
Previous auctions have included lots from personal trainers, artists, sports coaching, cake baking, cocktail making, school tutors, music teachers, CV writers, tradespersons (i.e. electricians, plumbers) etc. gardening, jet hosing, car washing
• Sports memorabilia or equipment
• Electrical items or gadgets (but please only new and fully packaged items)
• Bottles of wine / spirits / cases of beer (please drink responsibly )
• Sports tickets – any season ticket holders willing to donate a match seat(s)?
• Holiday home – are you able to donate a few nights away?
• A food hamper (no fresh food please, just pre-packaged goodies)

Donations from businesses
Nothing to donate? No problem! Has your team got contacts through employers, friends, family or happy to engage with local businesses to “politely scavenge” items or services that we can auction. This is a real team effort, and last year company donations included vouchers, champagne, car services, ‘experience days’ and meals out. Sponsoring companies will be recognised on the auction website.

[Items that we can’t use include: worn clothing, perishable goods, used electrical equipment]

We've already got a couple of Hockey Lot's to start us off - a pair new boxed size 12 Adidas Adipower Hockey Shoes and a brand new Y1 GK F3 stick (37.5 L) - so any big footed keepers you could be on for a bargain or two !

Next steps

Teams to have the big 'chat' this weekend to try and sort their 'lot' or two.
Team captains and managers to update Andrew Foster and confirm their 'Lots' by Saturday 1st October and send across:
- a brief description to go on the auction website
- photos with -

Any queries about suitable Lots have a chat to Col Taylor

We need to collect the lots in over the next two weeks and load onto the online Auction site so now's the time we need your help ! The auction bidding website will go live’ in mid-October with the hammer coming down at an in-person event at the club on Saturday 5th November 2022.

Lets smash sourcing 25 LOTS out of the park over the next week !

Any questions?[/b] Contact or Andrew Foster (Fozzy).

The more auction lots we have, the sooner we can replace the club decking!

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