Time to get your THC  Kit ordered and pick up a custom fit mouth guard !

Time to get your THC Kit ordered and pick up a custom fit mouth guard !

By Shelagh Entwisle
7 September
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Come to the club on Sunday 8th September 10:00 - 13:00 to see Silver FX to order kit (Online deadline (10th Sept) & to see our friendly dentist

Players of all ages should come down to the club tomorrow (Sunday 8th Sept) 10:00 - 13:00 to:

(Academy Registration 10:00- 13:00 in function room - seniors come down from 11:30 for kit and mouthguards. The club will be busy as crocket finals on too so please walk if you can or cycle).

- Order Custom Fit Mouthguards from Khalid the dentist (seniors should arrive after 11:30 when it should be quieter)

- Order THC kit from SilverFX who will be down at the club with samples so you can try before you order and with a range of Adidas sticks and shoes

- The short number list will be available to get your number allocated to add to your order. Short numbers must be allocated by the club to avoid duplication. Contact Sarah Williams for a number wmswynch@btinternet.com after Sunday

- Seniors are recommended to come down from 11:30

- Online order deadline is 10th September for made to order items

- See on line shop for full range https://www.silverfx.co.uk/category/sports-clubs/timperley-hockey-club/

- Express Order items can be ordered at any time

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