Weekly Update - take a look at what our volunteers made possible during the 2018-19 season

By Shelagh Entwisle
6th June
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This we week we share our 2018-19 Review of the Season and Video that capture the amazing contribution our volunteers make

Like hundreds of voluntary and community organisations across the country this week we want to thank all our volunteers for what they bring to the club in giving their time, energy, ideas and inspiration to make so much hockey happen - supporting so many to enjoy our sport on and off the pitch. #Nationalvolunteersweek

It's National Volunteer Week and what better time to share our updated end of season Review and Video attached to showcase some of the things our volunteers make happen at THC. Take a look back at last season and take a moment think about the people that made it possible!

Behind every coaching session, match, team, tournament, fitness session, meeting, social event, communication and even nagging chase up's for availability is one of our many volunteers ! This we celebrate their contribution and say THANK YOU - take time out to share your thank you's via social media or personally if you see any of our volunteers over the next week or so. Remember to use the #Nationalvolunteersweek

Wondering who are volunteers are and what they do.....?

- the would be no hockey matches without our band of 50 Umpires (assessed and un-assessed) - some umpire multiple games each week - others the odd one each season. Combined they made over 275 senior matches happen

- our 26 volunteer coaches - players and parents help us deliver over 3500 hours of coaching support to run the Academy coaching, matches and tournaments

- our 14 senior team captains that cover 16 senior and masters team and enable players to play each week and make the section viable by collecting match fees to fund our activity and complying with all the league and match regulations plus of course looking after kit, balls and anything else left pitch side !

- our 15 parent managers who make sure we get our academy teams selected and to the right place at the right time for matches, GMJHL, EH Cup games and tournaments

-our band of behind the scenes volunteers running the committee, finances, administration and membership, summer league and tournament organisers, fixtures, communications, the academy, safeguarding, match day stewards, hockey camps, social events, fund-raising, match officials (TD's) representing hockey on TSC committees, sorting and distributing kit, developing our young leaders and so so much more

- our 13 new Young Sports Leaders who've worked towards their level 1 award and our 5 regular young leaders - plus all the academy players who've given umpiring a go - all part of our strategy to support and develop the next generation of hockey volunteers

....and even all those players who simple do a job like putting the goal out or away, collecting up balls and helping out in the smallest of ways it all adds up to making a difference

Did you know ......

….2 in 5 people in the UK volunteer at least once a year
....1 in 5 people volunteer at least once a month
.... volunteering contributes an estimated £22.6bn to the UK economy
… .the most common reason people give for why they volunteer is to improve things and to help others
....93% of recent volunteers say they enjoy their volunteering
....over 75% of volunteers say that volunteering improves their mental health and wellbeing
....at THC we will support you by paying for courses and support you develop your skills to help you volunteer
....our #GrowOurOwnVolunteers Project funded by over£3,000 received through the Co-op Local Causes Fund has helped develop umpires, young leaders, coaches and many support roles safeguarding and first aid training
….the winners of our 2018-19 volunteer linked awards were:
(Women’s) Volunteer of the Year – Jackie Lord
(Academy) Volunteer of the Year – Helen Judd and Sarah Williams
(Men’s) Clubman of the Year – Will Reynolds
(Academy) Club Member of the Year – Nathan Williams (Stan Johnson Trophy)
(Women’s) Chairs Award – Helen Cue
(Academy Chair’s Award – Caroline Small
(Academy) Young Leader of the Year – Tarun Sathi and Kai Simpson
(Academy) Volunteer Coach of the Year – Craig Burgess
(Academy) Team Manager of the Year – Adam Roberts

There are lots of reasons people get involved in helping others and we hope that you will get involved in running and developing THC for the 2019-20 season and beyond.


Review of the 2018-19 Season - June 2019 (web version)

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