Woody Joins the Whistlers -  find out how you can join the whistlers crew and help #makehockeyhockey at Timperley !

Woody Joins the Whistlers - find out how you can join the whistlers crew and help #makehockeyhockey at Timperley !

By Shelagh Everett
19 January
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Congratulations to Woody on passing her Level 1 Umpiring as Assessment. Find out how to get involved in whistling and sign up this weekend !

We all know that No Umpire = No Game - but how many people step forward to pick up a whistle each week to make hockey happen ?

Well, Woody is one, and huge congratulations to her on becoming our latest whistler to pass her EH level 1 Assessed Umpire last weekend - and being presented with her new North West Hockey Umpiring shirt by our lead Umpire Developer, and Club President, Nick Burnett. Please read on to find out more about how you can get involved and join the Timperley Whistlers and help #makehockeyhockey or simple find out more about the Rules of the Game (handy if you're a player!)

We're really lucky at THC as we have a brilliant band of whistlers who, week in week out, umpire our home games to allow everyone else to play their matches. We also have three umpire developers who help all our budding whistlers develop to the level they wish to umpire at. We have also invested in radio's for all THC Umpires to use which has transformed umpiring as you've got the support of your buddy and can work as a team to umpire the game making it all a lot easier and great for building confidence . Radio's are available for all games - all levels at THC ! So we have all the support in place we just need you to take the first step to give it a go !

With so much hockey to support WE NEED TO GROW OUR POOL OF ACTIVE UMPIRES NOW ! and lets get more folks involved so we don't ideally need to ask anyone to umpire more than once a weekend unless they wish to !

Whilst we have a great core group of Umpires the fact is with more and more matches to umpire) all ages and standards from (U10 to O50's) we need to more umpires ! Through to the end of the season we have 130 Saturday umpire slots to fill with Timperley Whistlers and another 20 - 30 Sunday slots to fill and a number of junior 7 a side tournaments coming up.


- if you're a player understand the Rules better and help the umpires by not appealing every Rule you may think you know ! Anyone can do the short online Hockey Rules Test so take the challenge and do it to help your own game and the Umpire day !

- are you a L1 assessed umpire already - but fallen out of the habit of umpiring ? We'd like all out current L1 assessed umpires to sign up to do a minimum of 3 appointments before the end of the season - Saturdays or Sunday. Gents speak to Fozzy or Nick B, Ladies speak to Jo R or Fozzy and get your slots booked now ! (look out for the link to the appointments schedule so you can see all the main slots through to 1st April).

- are you an L1 assessed umpire already (done on line Rules test and online course) ? contact Nick B to slot in practice games working towards your assessment game before the end of the season

- would you be up for giving Umpiring a go (aged 14+) Contact Fozzy, Nick, Jo Rob or Anna M asap so we can get you started before the end of the season. For players aged 12 - 13 speak to Fozzy direct or Anna. The pathway for Umpires has changed over recent years so don't worry that if you get signed up you'll be put on a game above the level you feel comfortable umpiring. So weather you want to simply help with junior games, single gender, or progress up towards Level 2 and beyond we can support everyone!

We've brilliant support on hand and its as easy to make the first steps its as simple as ....

Step 1 - Do the short EH online Hockey Rules Test
Step 2 - Sign up for the two hour EH on line Level 1 Umpire Course (we'll reimburse the cost once you commit to some games )
Step 3 - work with our Umpire Developers to do some practice games, they'll watch and support with feedback (they start you off on nice and early games!). YOu'll sign up on GMS as an Umpire at this stage so your insured as an Level 1 Unassessed Umpire
Step 4 - when you're ready Nick will work with you to do your L1 assessment game

- Current Umpire who fancies brushing up your whistling ?
As well as the helpful support of the whistlers group and there are some great online resources available why not have a look ?
Online You're the Umpire discussion forum with new clips to debate posted every week or so

Online Umpire Development Modules short quick to do easy refreshers on some of the key aspects of the game including game management, handling conflict, communication, roles and responsibilities

There really is something for everyone at all levels .....but without folks getting involved in umpiring we won't be able to play so do your bit - its really is painless !

Who to contact:

Andrew Foster (Fozzy) Umpire Co-ordinator and Umpire Developer
Nick Burnett Lead Umpire Developer and Assessor
Malcolm Tucker Umpire Developer

Jo Robinsons - Women's Club Captian
Kieran Jeffery - Mens contact
Anna Mawby - Junior contact

OR EMAIL timperleyhc@gmail.com

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