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1. Introduction

Timperley Hockey Club is a section of Timperley Sports Club (TSC) and is responsible for ensuring that national governing body rules and codes are in place and adhered too, and that the management any issues arising to ensure that good standards are conduct maintained on the pitch and for hockey related conduct. Broader conduct issues relating the the TSC are managed through the TSC Executive and TSC Disciplinary process.

Timperley Hockey Club and its members need to be aware of, and adhere to the Codes of Conduct set out by England Hockey and any THC and specifically the THC Disciplinary Code and Code of Conduct

Timperley Hockey Club is affiliated the following national, regional and county hockey associations and leagues that govern the sport and draws on the best practice and guidance provides as well as the relevant rules that apply:

England Hockey

North Hockey Association

Cheshire Hockey Association (men's and ladies)]

Investec Women's Hockey League

North West Hockey League

Cheshire Women's Hockey League

Greater Manchester Junior Hockey League


EH Respect Code of Ethics and Behaviour - Full document


THC Disciplinary Code


THC Code of Conduct