Weekly Update - Bumper week at THC as we hit Step 4, Fitness and all things hockey and club !

Weekly Update - Bumper week at THC as we hit Step 4, Fitness and all things hockey and club !

By Shelagh Everett
15 August
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Take a few minutes to catch up on all things hockey, THC & TSC from how you can play Step 4 hockey to fitness and what Fozzy is up to!


Well what a week! Hockey is Back - almost as we know it! With a huge amount of hard work, focus and just sheer getting down to it to getting stuff sorted (and following new 'rules') THC is officially now at EH STEP 4 Return to Play! Thanks to all involved who meant nearly 200 players enjoyed Step 4 hockey this week. Read on to find out how you can get back on the turf !

This weeks update neatly falls into the three main areas the Hockey Committee work on to deliver #OneClub Hockey at THC and includes IMPORTANT ACTIONS everyone involved in hockey at THC must now be aware of and follow!

Tackling, matches and lots of the things we love are back ! If you missed take a look at the recent EH Step 4 Announcement and the THC Step 4 Update If you want to play read on!

EH Step 4 hockey is the 'New Normal and the platform for Step 5 (league hockey which is still on track to start in September) so reboot your hockey memory, kit bag and routines as this is here to stay for some considerable time! Good news is - we've tested out our new processes this week and with everyone doing their bit and following the 'new normal rules' got Step 4 hockey training, coaching and games up and running smoothly.

We know we are throwing lots of information and requirements at everyone but hopefully everyone will appreciate and understand why. To help you we're setting up an area on the website where we will load all the 'go to' and latest information on Step 4 Website - THC Return to Play Key Information and for the App we will keep a News Item as the landing page to find key information and updates.

Key to this is our new Covid Team put in place to keep eveyone safe and ensure we comply with the EH requirements to play. Andrew Foster (Fozzy) has been appointed Covid Officer and registered with EH as our lead person and joins the hockey committee. Huge thanks to Fozzy for taking on this role as without it we can not move to Step 4.

Fozzy is building a #OneClub Covid Support Team to make it all happen including a point of contact for every squad and training session. Gold Stars all round to this weeks inductees who have done a fantastic job mastering al lthe data, the mega google doc club register, the 'rules and regs' and checking everyone in with a smile and key 'new normal' requirements ....big hand to Fozzy, Dave H and Connor (M1) , Sarah C (L1), Ross S (M2), Jo Rob (L2-5), Graeme M E (M3-7), Mark T (all things academy and master of the google sheets) and Leonnie (O35/45). This group will grow a more matches are played so help these guys but reading messages and doing as they ask so we can get you all playing asap!

What you need to do NOW ! Simples !
We've 250 people signed up to the EH Participation Agreement so if you're not one of them do it today! If we don't have a record of you doing this from EH then you simply wont be able to play, train or get involved with hockey on the pitch.

EVERYONE (all ages - players, umpires, coaches, team managers) Must Register with England Hockey - Fill in your EH PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT now

DONT JUST ROCK UP TO PLAY OR TRAIN - unless you have been invited to a group session or match as one of our agreed sessions. To get you back on the turf asap make sure you have a Pitchero Profile (Join Club Website) and its updated - if loading a new one use the same name as use registered with EH with !

FOLLOW THE ' NEW NORMAL' Protocols - these will be shared with everyone before they come to a session / game including Check In, Covid Self Assessment, Social Distancing, what to do if you test positive. Watch the EH EH Return to Play Guidelines Video

DO NOT COME TO THE CLUB IF YOU HAVE ANY COVID SYMPTOMS (high temp, new continuous cough, loss of taste / smell

Club Sessions (M3-7 and L3-5) - will be held on Thursday in August 18:00 - 18:55 and 19:05 - 20:00 to play 7 a side games. If you want to play go to Pitchero and set your availability for the two new teams set up to manage these session Mens ClubSess (Aug20) and Ladies ClubSess(Aug20) Limited to 28 players per session per gender. Everyone must have completed to EH registration to play and priority will be given to players who have paid subs or set up instalments

The Covid Support Team and Captains will guide you on everything you need to do and help you get back onto the turf asap to keep you and everyone else safe and do our bit to help stop the spread of the Covid virus. We know there is lots of information and its coming at us thick and fast so please help us and be patient whilst we all 're-programme' for the new normal!


Data, data and more data ! The names of everyone involved in every session (game / training etc) must be reported EH withing 24 hours. To do this we need one secure system and #OneWay of doing things. Pitchero will play a key part now and everyone needs to have an up to date profile, set availability when prompted and respond to match or training invite. More comms will follow on how things will work!

Matchdays - will also be changing from the number of people on the pitch, kit wash, travel, teas, changing, EH Register and check in and a whole load more. Options Cashless match fees are being reviewed by the committee this week - so more change and new habits coming soon on that front ! More updates on the practicalities of this over next week or so !

Personal Kit / Not sharing equipment - Our current Policy is that we recommend that players own their own personal protective equipment. Due to the requirements for Hockey Face Masks not to be shared, and or clearing during games etc we urge all players normally involved in defensive PC's to buy their own mask and label it. We will be putting out more details on this and how we manage academy teams with shared numbered masks if players don't have their own.
Playing Shirts for teams without a sponsor (on shirt) we again recommend players buying their own club shirt as to reduce the logistics around kit wash. Order now THC Club Shop / SilverFX there are some shirts sizes in stock (Express) or order now for latest order.

Lets not forget why we can play hockey NOW ! Its because we are part of a club with its own pitches (one of only 11% of all clubs in England). So please take a moment to ponder all the good things about TSC.
Show your support by entering this months 300 Club Draw enter from £4
-Help us raise the final £2500 towards the Green Pitch Fund (Virgin Giving)
- Pick up some TSC stash from the Fundraising Pop Up Shop including stay safe personalised gym bags, bags for life and facemasks
- Support the Bar when it open at weekends - open today 2pm - 9pm

....and of course the big one ....Pay your membership subs to play hockey - pelase pay dont wait for the deadline 30th September - where we have over subscribed sessions / games we will be giving priority to paid up members so if you're playing hockey now please pay now ! Select the Single payment option. Any concerns or problems with subs payment contact your Shelagh, Jo or Col. Its our club not a big faceless corporate you're not paying on principle til the deadline ! And if you are using the facilities please show your support for the club and pay your subs now !

So sorry this is so long - but just scratches the surface of everything going on and all the plates to spin to get hockey going ! If you're exhausted why not come to one of our New Fitness Sessions on Tuesday 6.45pm to 7.45pm or Wednesday morning 10am - 11am Booking required

More info and updates this week on sessions and getting back to playing !

NB - We have now stopped the Play Zone (Step2) bookings for pitch slots as it was proving complex to run along side Step 4 so thanks to everyone who has supported these since 30th May. We are still taking bookings for masterclasses, small group and individual coaching - Coaching Booking Form


EH Step 4 Participants Guidance


EH Step 4 Info Graphic


EH Step 4 - Getting Back n the Pitch - full guidance

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